when laundry is the problem

the first thing i thought was… well, at least i can catch up on laundry since i wont be spending 6 hours in my car dropping, waiting and picking up the kids from school… but we all know that God has a sense of humor….
im running out of tortillas and my dryer died. *sigh …. and its raining outside. so, i have a bunch of clothes hanging in every doorway in my house and i had bacon and eggs without a tortilla…. WITHOUT. A. TORTILLA!!!!
lol… (half of that was sarcasm the other half was me crying like a winner on the inside. we are blessed. God has provided. and i cannot complain. we have been much much far worse off than this. a little more than a year ago we didnt have a home. and now here i am, hanging clothes in every doorway i have inside OUR HOME. 4 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, a garage, two walk in linen closets upstairs and downstairs and even a walk in pantry.
i dont say all that to gloat or to show off… but i say all this because for 4 years, we were homeless. but we kept going. we kept our faith. we knew that IN THE END all was going to be well. all was going to work out because God has an amazing plan. our lives are NOT over yet. and HE is not done.
i say all the time that this world sucks and people in it suck, But look what is happening. we are all “forced” to stay home and spend time with our kids and our families. we are all forced to teach our kids. cook for our families. play games with them. spend time with our spouses.
this is an amazing opportunity for us. let everything that we have no control over GO. and sit down on this rainy day… and enjoy your family. when laundry is our only issue in life… gosh, we are blessed.

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