If I can…

Made For A Miracle MAY 21, 2015 I just created a non-profit organization. I finally did it. I filled out the paperwork and sent them off to the State Board people. The name so far has been approved and is now officially reserved. Now just waiting for my certificate. Our non-profit organization is called Made For... Continue Reading →


Now Here We Are

Written on  MAY 15, 2015 These past few weeks have made me think a lot about life. Life as we knew and life as we know now. I have to say that my greatest achievement is my FAITH and STRENGTH in God. I never realized how BLESSED we truly are. It was about a year... Continue Reading →

In Awe

In AWE of God’s Power MAY 14, 2015 One thing I haven’t told many people is that I am now going to college full time. YAY ME! I am finally going to finish college! I am really excited and going full time. I plan on getting my degree in Biblical Studies with emphasis on Worship Leadership. At... Continue Reading →

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