The Machine

The Machine OCTOBER 30, 2014 I was notified late last night that my son is going to be placed on an automatic dialysis machine. He just made it to 100mL of solution… the original goal was 150mL… the doctors are so anxious on getting Matthew home, they want to make sure it works. They want... Continue Reading →


Making It Work

Making It Work OCTOBER 29, 2014 Starting November 1st, our family medical insurance runs out because my husband lost his job. The reason he lost his job was because he was taking too many days off. The reason he was taking too many days off was because our twins were in the hospital. I’m just... Continue Reading →

Our Life…

Our life… I have a Facebook page for my son Matthew. Its a group page called “Matthew’s Miracles…the journey home. ”  I made it so that people can see his updates..see God’s craft. Matthew is currently living with Chronic Kidney Disease. He was born with end stage renal disease. At three weeks old he started... Continue Reading →

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